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 I love it when you listen to a song and it paints a full picture of what the song is about, the scene, the people, the time, location. It creates this beautiful preconceived idea of the circumstances that lead to writing the song.

I watched the Van Morrison documentary and was devastated to learn that BROWN EYED GIRL was not in fact about a high school romance that happened under a grandstand in the summer with a girl with brown eyes. It was a record filler, written in the studio to add 1 more song to the record. Yet it turned out to be the highest-selling song for them at the time.

What I really enjoy about my style of photography is that I like all the details, the moments, glances, filling the frame with the subject and capturing something that is more like a memory rather than a photo. 

So as you flick through the images it's more like a life reel than a well organised precision placed photoshoot. 

I want you to feel that warm sun in your face as you see it in the image, smell the field of grass, feel the breeze as you see it blowing your hair in the photo. I want you to look at those happy faces and hear the laughter that originated from your belly at the time.

I want you to go back in time with the life reel.

Our Philosophy

I want to create images that take you back to 'that moment' the image was taken. Feel the excitement of the wedding day, the sensuality of the lingerie, the unconditional love within a family and the value in the product.

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“Photography is the story I fail to put into words”