The story of a photographer

I have been to 13 different schools, some I can remember very clearly, others I am unsure, I don't have a school photo for all those schools and I cant tell you exactly what age I was in some of my school memories or that they are in any order.

There are very few photos of my childhood in general and the ones I do have, some don't have a memory attached. I value a photograph, it's a still memory, it can also be a historical monument for those who will ever meet or see that person or place.

Over the years I have taken photos of families who have a person who is terminally ill, they have not told their family and wanted to capture their happy family before they are devasted with the news. I have taken 4 generations' photos at the last minute and only to learn that a week later the great grandmother passed away. I have taken photos for families over the years, watched kids grow, parents and grandparents age and become frail.

I've laughed out loud editing and I've cried knowing the backstory behind the images.

Memories are for the individual, photographs are for everybody. I value my memories as I have so few, I value the images even more. I want to make sure that everyone as an affordable still memory to pass on.