The most beautiful thing a woman can wear is confidence. However, are you still confident naked in front of a camera!

Confidence, is this something we all wear? Some with pride, others with biker like colours, some reluctantly and a few just pretend. As a woman, mother, wife, business owner; I know this is a struggle every day.

My friend comes to me, sheepishly, quietly and asks to do some photo’s. Valentine’s Day is approaching, and the new mum is wanting to give her doting husband a gift. She is a little awkward and giggly, on goes my lightbulb…. Oh right, you want some ‘Boudoir Photos’.

It doesn’t matter how confident you are or are not, getting your kit off in front of a stranger or friend who is pointing a camera at you is nerve racking. I’ve been there, did a course and as part of assessment, be the subject! It’s shoot day, hair and makeup are done, room prepped, and my friend is all giggly and somewhat uncomfortable. Me too!

I am often surprised at other women’s perceptions of themselves. I personally think my friend is stunning. She doesn’t like this or that, would prefer to be a few kilos lighter, not have the jiggly stuff and want to look more like the next women. I think that as women we forget that as we look over wanting to look more like the strikingly beautiful women to the right of us, there is a self-conscious lady to left looking as us wanting what we have.

I often have women say ‘Awh Wanita if only I was your size’, meanwhile I’m thinking; I’ll trade you my size 6 for that curvy junk trunk you are sporting any day!

Shoot complete, my friend is not convinced until she flicks though the proofs I send a few hours later and is blown away.

Her husband worked on Valentine’s day and was drip feed an image every hour as he worked.

Let’s just say there was a happy ending!